Shifting Paradigms: Re-Imagining Student Success
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Friday, April 6

7:30am EDT

8:45am EDT

10:30am EDT

(Closed Session) Creating a Growth Mindset Climate to Promote Student Success M-301David Yeager Crossing the Bridge: Strengthening the Part-Time Faculty Connection M-102Kathleen Bartolini • Lizzie Casanave • Sheila Muller Inspiring and Supporting Nontraditional by Gender Students M-212Jeff Perrotti • David Ziemba Lift Every Voice: Strategies of Inclusion H-109Dr. Suzanne Buglione • Shaylene DePina Student Success: Moving Beyond Campus Barriers M-209Bryan Brophy-Baermann • Kristie Proctor • Terry Vecchio Supporting GLBTQIA+ Students: One Community College Approach H-204Chad Argotsinger • Erin Smith Creative Collaborations: Interns and Work-Study Students in Student Support Roles M-213Julie Jodoin-Krauzyk • Patricia Weisberger Mentoring for Success Program Offered by Osher Lifelong Learning Institute H-206Kari Dupuis • Megan Whilden Re-Thinking Student Support Approaches M-211Joseph Harris • Maria Monteiro Speed Bumps Ahead! Student Support Planning for the Twists & Turns M-101Liz Daly • Lauren Folloni • Tracy Morin From Community College to Costa Rica: An International Service Experience H-201Greg Clement • Shelley Errington Nicholson Going All-In with Corequisite Writing at Berkshire Community College M-302Nell McCabe (she/her) • Chris Laney • Nicole Mooney • Charles Park Leadership in STEM: Successes, Challenges and Opportunities M-214Charles Kaminski • Addie VanDeurzen Math. Chocolate. Biofeedback. K-210Annette Guertin Strategies for Teaching Literature in the Family Probate Court H-108Matthew Muller Train Like You Fight! Building a Standardized Scenario Program H-110Kimberly Altavesta • Lise Johnson-Kinahan Virtual Dissection with the Anatomage Table H-415Thomas Carey Visual Literacy Across the Curriculum: A Sociological Perspective H-205Colin Adams Success Re-Imagined: Challenging the Dominant Paradigm in Higher Education M-208Binnur Ercem • Jennifer Pisarik Working with Rubrics to Evaluate Writing H-111William Berry

11:30am EDT

Orange is the New Community: Recruiting at Correctional Facilities M-214Miranda Dulcelina • Vengerflutta Smith Race, Education, and Pedagogy: Towards a More Inclusive Classroom H-204Kelly Kemp • Charles Park The Softer Side: Continuing Patient Care Beyond Saving Lives H-108Kimberly Altavesta • Lise Johnson-Kinahan BCC's Behavorial Assessment Team: A Supportive Proactive Approach H-202David Lesure • Lisa Mattila • Beth Wallace Reorganizing for Change: Creating a Student Focused Enrollment Services Team M-212Lyndsay Isham-Morton • Tammy Westlake Respiratory Care Programs Group Discussion H-415Thomas Carey • Margaret Goss Supporting Food Insecure Students: Building a Campus Food Pantry H-109Jana Murphy • Shelley Errington Nicholson Supporting Students with Disabilities: Collaborations Between Peer Tutoring and Disability Services H-201Montserrat Archbald • Norman Beebe • Colleen Caffery • Cindy Snow Is Competency-Based Learning Right for You? M-213Christine Laviolette • Suzanne McHale Make Professional Development Work for YOU! H-111Alan Chace New Laboratory Technology Can Improve Student Learning and Faculty Interaction H-416Hillel Sims Not Another Paper: Cultivating Creative Scholarly Engagement with Literature M-211Nell McCabe (she/her) POGIL in the STEM classroom M-208Jennifer Collins Reducing Disparities in Higher Education Through Intentional Dual Enrollment Pathways H-110Addison Barwise • Melissa Bourque-Silva • Shaunti Phillips Rethinking Information Literacy: Using Credo's Modules and Library Created Tools M-209Karen Carreras-Hubbard • Janet Collins • Matthew Palardy • Andrea Robare • Julianna Spallholz • Bruce Winn Using Active Learning to Fix Misunderstandings in Real Time H-205Dr. Stacy Evans Using AI to to Provide Rapid Feedback to Student Writers M-403Peter Shea Using Student Stories to Engage Learners- Interdisciplinary Approach - "What If ..." H-206Dr. Constance Berman Assessing Global Literacy M-101Colin Adams • Frank Schickor Participatory Action Research: A Process of Privileging the Experiential and Lived-Knowledge of Student Co-researchers M-102Tara Gully-Hightower

12:30pm EDT

1:30pm EDT

Berkshire Immigrant Stories and the Humanities M-209Toni Buckley • Karen Carreras-Hubbard • Chris Laney Beyond Deficits: Fostering Student Success Among Male Students of Color H-202Colin Adams • Ashton Darrett • Charles Prescott Girls Can’t What? Promoting Inclusivity in Practice and Education H-416Kimberly Altavesta Recruitment Reimagined - Strategies for Engaging a Diverse Student Population H-110Jillian Freitas-Haley • Jeff Tejada Strategies for Creating Inclusive Classrooms for LGBTQ Students M-101Lisa Coole New Student Orientation for the Current Community College Student M-213Beth Wallace Re-Imagining the Relationship Among Writing Centers, Libraries, and the Classroom H-206Emily Brown • Michael Geary Stats Booster Corequisite: What We Are Learning From Our First Semester M-302Steve Faulconer • Chantal Rhind Survival of the Fittest: Supportive Programming for the At-Risk Nursing Student H-108Kristen Lundsten Co-Teaching and Differentiating Instruction for a Hybrid, Modular Cohort Course H-205Patty Kay • Barbara Kotelnicki Cultivating Critical Thinking in an Age of “Fake News” H-204Tim Dolan • Linda McCarthy iPads for Composition Students: 300...600...and Counting H-111Ellen Nichols • Phil Sisson Metacognition and Motivation H-201Sheriann Stanton Middlesex Community College (MCC) Career Exploration Pathways M-212Camille Brown • Karen James • Jo Mucci Student Historians: Strategies for Building Strong Research and Inclusivity M-102Alyssa Arnell • Claire Lobdell Thriving at Roxbury Community College & Beyond: The OER Initiative M-211Loretta Minor • Dr. Kimberly Rogers • Jennie Thrash To Travel Hopefully from STEM to Simulation H-319Michele Darroch • Margaret Goss • Mary Kay Kasuba Turtles - Gateway Critters to Zoology and Field Biology M-214Tom Tyning Celebrating Exceptional Student Work with an Academic-Style Conference M-301Jeremy LaCrosse • Matthew Muller Defining & Measuring Student Success Beyond the Classroom M-208Chad Argotsinger
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